5 Years Oratnitza! 12.12.2014 @ Mixtape 5

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Time flies by! 5 years ago the boys of Oratnitza were invited to jam on a Greek island as accompaniment to meditation sessions. Musically passionate as they are the meditative music was quickly replaced by their interpretations of traditional songs on a sweeping drum and bass section. Once back in Bulgaria they hit the streets, busking, and after only one gig they got discovered by a bigger audience through the Sofia Fusion Rally, a competition foryoung bands experimenting with their musical roots. That having been their stepping stone, they signed an all-in deal with Fusion Embassy, recorded a widely acclaimed debut album and toured many times around Europe and beyond. The band is now recording a second album and upgrading their scenography. Much more on their past 5 years and live musical encounters with Kottarashky, Kipri, VoxBox, Lazy Face DJ Dharba, Dance Ensemble Zhar to be enjoyed at their birthday party in club *MIXTAPE 5* on December 12th. Get your early bird tickets here.