We excel at album productions by working with the best studios and the most competitive manufacturers.

Audio production

We love the synergy of a good sound engineer, a pleasant studio and top-notch gear. Combined with the proper organization, these optimal conditions guarantee worriless and inspiring recording sessions as well as a smooth post-production process. Contact us to find out how we can help you getting your studio time organized at the best price-quality ratio. Good music simply sounds better when properly produced.

Oratnitza, live session at recording studio

Art Direction

Congrats, you’ve recorded your album! You’re only halfway down the production road though. Let us help you getting your album to stand out from the rest. Besides choosing the right format you’ll need a good concept, a talented photographer and a designer with a vision. We provide tailor-made packages that incorporate those, matching your need and budget. A good production simply sells better when it looks attractive.

"Acoustic Corporation" album cover

Manufacturing process

Almost there! After taking care of the legal and administrative requirements your album is ready for print. Let us help you to find your way and select the best manufacturing solution at the sharpest price. We’ll make sure your album matches all requirements to be distributed on- as well as offline. A good album simply deserves to see the daylight.

"CD Manufacturing" album cover