Travel Grants

Being invited to play at a festival is one thing; getting there is another. Did you know there are plenty of national and international programs that could fund your travel? We help you find your way or even apply for travel grants and leave you do what you’re best at: playing your music.

Get in touch and find out how we can give your international touring a push in the back.


Tour Management

Any tour manager will tell you: touring is a logistical puzzle of gigs, a race against time and a budgetary challenge. Those are exactly the reasons why we love it!

Relying on our international network we’re able to optimally plan a band’s journey and get to be their compass on the road. Drop us a line and tell us where you’re off to.


Trade Fairs

For a band aspiring an international career, being represented at international trade fairs is of the utmost importance. Likewise, a festival or venue that needs to be in touch with what’s hot in the scene needs to find its way as close to the source as possible.
Hence, Fusion Embassy attends several trade shows every year to shop for bands and promote new productions, including WOMEX, Babel Med, Jazzahead,…



How to get your album reviewed and get the quotes you need? How to enlarge your fan base and get them to interact?
How to internationalize your event’s attendance? How to target your festival promotion to the right audience?
None of the above questions have a one-solution-fits-all answer to them. That’s why we analyze your case in depth and provide tailor-made solutions that help make your band, festival or event a must amongst its target audience.